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Why is a POS system important for your supermarket?

Regardless of your size, where you operate, or what kinds of customers you serve, we are here to help you efficiently operate and process fast and stable.

Sell to more customers

Use grocery delivery platforms like Instacart and/or Mercato to derive sales from more customers.

  • Sync your online store with POS
  • Save time & money
  • Access reports & analytics

Main features for your shop

Leading with digital and innovative technology, we connect your store and your customers with faster checkout and consistency.

  • Inventory

Check inventory, low-stock items, purchase order, use portable(handheld) station to check items at shelves

  • Label Printing

Generate barcode and print label for non-UPC items, put label on shelves eliminate price gun on each item

  • Promotion

Fully customizable promotion, like buy 1 get 1 50% off

  • Payment Integration

Integrate payment, one step “EOD (end of day)” Ensables all types of payment Chip card, EBT(Food stamp), NFC(Apple pay, Samsung pay), PIN based, Swipe, Manual entry. Get deposit as fast as next day.

  • Giftcard / Membership

Increase sales & revenue by selling gift card. Encourage customers to return with membership

  • Time clock (PIN or fingerprint)

Use time clock and do payroll from POS

  • Security

Minimize fraud by customizing access permission of each roles

  • Report

Detailed reporting to track sales trend.

  • PLU

Integrate and scan on POS, PLU label printed items for weighted items (Meat, Cheese, etc)


Select the right POS for your supermarket

Grocery retailers have never been under higher pressure to meet shopper’s demands and stay ahead of competition. Providing a hassle-free shopping experiences inside and out side the store is one of the keys to keep their customers coming back.

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